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Our Story

BW Fiberglass Pools is owned by husband and wife team Christian and Lauren.  Christian grew up sailing and boating along the New Jersey shore.  Through his competitive sailing career and passion for motor boats, Chris founded a fiberglass boat manufacturing business, Battle Wagon Boats. 

With his two decades (and growing) years of experience, Chris has mastered the art of fiberglass manufacturing.  Battle Wagon Boats is also the proud manufacturer of the world and national high-speed offshore racing powerboats.  

Lauren has two decades of experience with various international corporations as a senior leader.  Like any busy working parents, they wanted an affordable, stylish, low maintenance, yet quality backyard pool to keep the kids safe, active, and close.  With Christian’s skills and fiberglass experience, he decided to build the family pool, and BW Fiberglass Pools was born.

From there business has grown organically through referrals of happy clients who enjoy the craftsmanship, quality, and styles offered by BW fiberglass pools.   Lauren and Christian are now fully dedicated to BW fiberglass pools and helping other families have their backyard pool dreams become reality.

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass pools offer the fastest installation time:

Fiberglass pools can be installed in as little as two days due to the fact that fiberglass pools are installed as one piece. Once the pool shell is manufactured, it can be installed in just a few days. The installation is not as dependent on the weather as other pools are. Both vinyl liner pools and concrete pools require specific weather conditions to prevent damage during installation. The fiberglass pool shell itself is not as vulnerable to adverse install conditions like rain or sharp temperature fluctuations like other pool types.

Fiberglass pools are strong and durable:

Fiberglass pools are 17x stronger than concrete, durable and less likely to be damaged compared to other pool models. Fiberglass pools cannot be punctured like vinyl pools, this means less risk and overall maintenance costs over the life of the pool. You do not have to worry about sharp ends such as a pool pole, dog claw or toys damaging the pool. Concrete pools can crack from extreme weather, shifting of the earth or due to changes in chemicals.

Fiberglass pools have low maintenance:

Fiberglass swimming pools are virtually maintenance -free due to their smooth, less porous surface. The smoother surface prevents algae growth which is common in pools that have crevices such as concrete (gunite pools). Fiberglass pools require less time cleaning and maintaining the pool each week, in addition to less long-term maintenance. Fiberglass pools do not need their vinyl liners replaced every few years saving time and money. Concrete pools such need to be emptied and acid-washed every few years, which is an expense and inconvenience that fiberglass pool owners do not have to worry about.

Fiberglass pools have a lower lifetime cost:

A fiberglass pool is a great investment that will continue to offer benefits for years after installation with little to no ongoing repair costs. The overall lifetime cost of a fiberglass pool is extremely favorable after considering initial purchase, installation and lifetime maintenance. If you move, you could always empty your pool and move it with you unlike other pool models.

Fiberglass pools can be customized:

You can customize your fiberglass pool by adding coping of your choice, steps and water features such as fountains, bubblers and waterfalls.

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